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If you travel often or if your network connection is unstable, you might want to download online videos locally so that you can watch them when you see fit. However, most online video services such as Youtube and Dailymotion don't provide such an option, so you need to find a program like Leawo Youtube Downloader that will do it for you.

Leawo Youtube Downloader's interface is quite simple. When you launch the program, you land on the Youtube website and you are able to search videos just like you would without this piece of software. Unlike what the name of this program implies, it can not only download from Youtube, but also from Facebook and Dailymotion among others.

After you click on a video, a panel appears on the right. It enables you to choose a format for the file (video + audio, or audio-only). Once you click on a format, the video is placed in the download queue. In my tests, downloads took around 10-20 seconds to start, which is a long time for such a tool.

Briefly, although Leawo Youtube Downloader works as it should, there are many free alternatives that perform just as well. Unless you really love the interface, you should most likely find a similar product with a lower price tag.

John Static
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  • Possible to only download only the audio part
  • Ability to choose among a variety of formats


  • Expensive
  • Slow to start the download
  • Downloading and downloaded are separate tabs
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